When a business, product line, service or tool isn’t meeting expectations, expectations need to change, or you seem to face the same tasks and projects each year and just seem to be stagnating, then InnovOps is the answer.  As an unbiased advisor we’ll provide a current state, needs, and future state assessment.  We can write and manage your request for service and products, negotiate the agreements and govern over the process and outcome to assure your needs are met.  Introduction Packages starting at $500 USD

Strategic Advisory


As technology evolves and resources change, business must continue to grow.  Having agility to meet and sustain customers, products, services, compliance, and employees is critical to your success.   InnovOps will supply the plan and report to based on a focused objective.  We’ll provide KPIs,  and metrics to meet the objectives.  Governance during the transformation is optional as well as process designs, technology maturity and rejuvenation.  Initial session starting at $0 USD.

Operational Excellence


Are you putting out fires, managing a heavy load of tickets, listening to complaints and just wish you had time to do things right?  InnovOps will review your current state and provide a comprehensive plan for zero-touch automation, agile and proactive services.  We‘ll architect for security and regulatory compliance based on your industry assuring you have transparency across all lines of service.   Additional Custom packages are available for cloud migration, discovery, service catalogs, training, integrations, consolidation or distribution of services, compliance audits, asset/cmdb automation, autonomic management, automated maintenance.  Introductory Services start at $1200 USD.


*all prices are negotiable and subject to change.